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Indoor Material

Tome can offer various indoor advertising material to meet customers' needs. Like the paper, sticker, film and other indoor material products. Search our website for other advertising materials by product line or category to find what you want.
  • Indoor Advertising Material PP Paper

    PP Paper

    PP Paper is an ideal choice for inkjet printing usage. An affordable...

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  • Indoor Advertising Material PP Sticker

    PP Sticker

    Tome has the ability to offer a multitude of choices of PP Sticker for customers. Tome's pp stickers are simple in design, elegant in appearance and easy to use.

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  • Indoor Advertising Material Frontlit Film & Backlit Film

    Frontlit Film & Backlit Film

    Tome's Frontlit Film & Backlit Film are simple in design and easy to use. Front print backlit film manufactured by Tome are with international certificates.

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  • Indoor Advertising Material Cutting Vinyl

    Cutting Vinyl

    Tome is one of the leading Cutting Vinyl factories. Tome's cut vinyl are available in different shapes and sizes.

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  • Indoor Advertising Material Cold Lamination Film

    Cold Lamination Film

    As a leading manufacturer of Cold Lamination Film, Tome has a large production capacity and sales volume. Tome has a professional team to develop high standard cold laminating film.

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  • Indoor Advertising Material Photo Paper

    Photo Paper

    Tome has rich experience in manufacturing high quality Photo Paper for customers from home and abroad. As a professional factory in China, our main products include all kinds of photo printing paper.

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